The University of New Mexico-Valencia campus near Los Morros offers a variety of associate degrees, certificate and credential programs, as well as customized vocational training. In Albuquerque, the main campus of UNM offers everything from continuing education programs to PhD level coursework. The Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute (TVI) and Soccoro’s New Mexico Tech (ranked the 2nd best value university in the country by The Princeton Review) offer additional educational opportunities. The Los Lunas public school system, one of the fastest growing in the state, serves 8,500 students through all grade levels.

Financial Incentives

Expansion Management Magazine says “Albuquerque has a gold mine of incentives...The city offers IRBs, a manufacturing investment tax credit, a job training incentives program, no inventory taxes and a technology jobs tax credit.” Los Morros businesses have taken advantage of the state’s generous economic development incentives, which are tailored to rural communities like Los Lunas. The state ranks 2nd lowest in the nation in property taxes and is among the lowest in workers’ compensation premiums.

State Rankings

New Mexico ranks 1st in R&D expenditures and 1st in exports of high-tech products (as a percentage of state exports). The state falls in the top five in PhDs per capita (2nd), manufacturing expansion and relocation (3rd), and in fast-growing “gazelle” companies (5th).

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