At nearly a mile high (4,852 ft.), Los Lunas enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year and a mild four-season climate. The average daytime temperature in winter is 55°F, and 88°F in summer. Monthly precipitation averages less than one inch.


The Albuquerque/Los Lunas region offers a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities, spectator sports, performing arts, shopping, and dining. You’ll find AAA baseball, dozens of art galleries, a number of ski slopes, Division I college sports, museums for adults and children, and 18 golf courses (including two of the top 50 public courses in America). The region is world-renowned for its spicy (and not-so-spicy) chile, its balloons, and its hospitality. Men’s Fitness ranks the Albuquerque metro area as the 10th fittest in the country due in part to its excellent camping and hiking and the arts magazine AmericanStyle lists Albuquerque as the second most popular arts destination in the US among mid-sized cities.

Cost of Living

Los Lunas and Valencia County boast the lowest cost of living in the Albuquerque metro area. The Albuquerque MSA cost of living is lower than many other major cities in the Southwest including Phoenix, Denver, and Las Vegas.

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